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Democrat voting Mickey Cummings qualifies a Rep Objects to principled stands of Rep Matt Gurtler

And I thought that Matt Gurtler was doing a great job. Not so sezs Mickey with his mailer slamming Matt for voting irresponsible. As a resident of Union County (indeed Gods Country), I set out for the truth..To Matt Gurtler himself. 

Is Matt against cancer coverage for firefighters?.....NO, he is against the state forcing another unfunded mandate on the local govt, trashing local control. 

Is Matt against school safety? ….NO, of course not. Matt fully supports the local School Boards right and power to increase safety by arming selected teachers

Is Matt against our own public safety? ….How utterly ridiculous…Matt is pro law enforcement, pro 2nd Amendment (Geogia Gun Owners 100% Pro-Gun…Mickey refused to respond to survey); pro military (endorsed by many many Vets). 

Mickey is complaining because Matt is a true conservative, against over spending and against State Budgets that tax more and spend way more than is needed. State spending needs to go on a diet…just like Mickey’s mouth does. 

Mickey has indeed proven his love for over spending and opulence. As past Chairman for the Blue Ridge Mtn EMC, Mickey was OK with the over built and over spent and unnecessary HDQ building in Young Harris.  By voting Democrat, Mickey proves he is OK with big Govt, and increased taxes. 

Mickey is right – there is a big difference in voting on principle and voting irresponsibly. Matt Gurtler has proven with his votes that he is the solid conservative..Sold out to the Constitution, local control and a strong defense. As a combat USAF VET, I take no chances with leadership…please join me and support and vote for Matt Gurtler for reelection as our State Representative.

This choice is very the party of Trump, reject the party of Hillary. 

Jim Glanton


Blairsville, GA