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Bill O'Reilly on the Coronavirus

April 13, 2020

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Comments from Wesley Hopgood

November, 2019


I would like to begin by thanking our President Donald Trump for caring for the citizens of America and America as a Nation. It should be clear that members of Congress, meaning members of both the House of Representatives and the Senate of both parties, are so imbedded in corruption and quid pro quo they can no longer morally or ethically function as Constitutional Officers! Their Oaths of  Office are very clear and direct and mandates they shall protect the United States of America and the Constitution of the United States. At one time Congress was bought and owned by lobbyists of Corporate America and there was moderate corruption and quid pro quo for sums of money for special favors from members of Congress. This was done very discreetly and disguised as campaign contributions. Bill Clinton - both Clintons – then devised a scheme known as The North American Free Trade Agreement (NFTA) which would expose the Federal Treasury to greater deceit and corruption. Corporate America begin to move their manufacturing divisions to other countries. The money began to flow, Congressmen and Congress Women realized a cash cow had been laid in their lap and they turned a blind eye to the corruption and violations of U.S Laws that govern International Trade and land acquisition as well as intellectual properties. America was for sell, payment for these favors were in the form of stock and bonds in foreign corporations, large sums of money disguised as corporate dividends, large sums of money for speaking engagements, placing family members on foreign corporate boards with large compensation and many others means. Bush and Obama with their thirst for war created another prime situation for Congress when lobbyists lined their pockets with investment opportunities from the many military contractors and suppliers that profited from their wars. This continued into the Obama administration that included the many other ways, solar panels, windmills and economic subsidies allowing China to enter contracts and construct major projects on U.S. soil many under the guise of federal infrastructure spending. The 1.8 Billion dollars to Iran was blatant and unchallenged by Congress and the additional question remains, how did approximately 9 Trillion dollars disappear and how many new millionaires appeared during and after the Obamas Presidency? Obama had a unique objective and technique to mentally convince the American people that America was doomed and that we should be ashamed for the way we treated the rest of the world and be thankful we were still alive.

I have intentional pointed to these facts to support my thoughts on the current stand-off between the democrat and republican parties. Our President Trump has stated very clear he was going to drain the swamp! I do not believe he realized the alligators were a mixture of both Democrats and Republicans. I believe our President Trump is caught in a war between Congresspersons, both House and Senate members of both parties, and it is over money! Senators have the tools and law to stop this zoo that the House has created but I personally believe investors that have made multi-millionaires out of these long-serving Senators will not allow them to act because of their financial investment in U.S. Senators! U.S Senators are not stepping out and defending our President Trump! The Democrats are in a different situation, not only are they obligated to their investors, they are obligated financially to their U.S corporations, foreign governments, families, friends and neighbors. How in heaven’s name can someone like Bernie Sanders raise that kind of campaign money from the little guys? When he purports to be anti-big guy? Congresspersons will not give up the money, that equates to power and that is more important to them than the United States of American and her citizens. America and her citizens continue to fund the salaries of Congress while they laugh, knowing the citizens will not take action to remove them from office. Should the Patriotic American citizens consider another American Revolution to preserve America and her Heritage or continue financially supporting Congresspersons to destroy our great nation? Do American citizens have any other recourse to protect America, Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution, Rule of Law than a newfound American Revolution to defy and remove Congresspersons with willful intent to destroy America? Then, whom of your neighbors would replace them?