Chairman Dale Allison's Corner News Letter


Looks like the voters in District 8 stood up against the local ‘powers that be’ and the Republican nee Democrat Governor Nathan Deal and the faux Conservative Speaker of the House David Ralston. Their efforts to hold back project funds and have the puppet Chairmen fund a non-incumbent against an incumbent in violation of party rules was wholeheartedly rebuked by the District 8 voters. District 8 voters told the Governor and the Speaker to ‘tend to your own knitten’ and don’t try to tell us who to vote for when you don’t live here.

The man they worked against, Matt Gurtler, won each county in the District, Union 54.32%, Towns 66.41%, Rabun 62.75 and White 71.36. I would say the political capital the Governor and Speaker expended in this race was thrown away. Their power is only for the ‘powers that be’ it is not for the people. But were we naïve enough to think that either one of those men really cared about the people?

The Governor withheld funds from at least Union and Rabun counties in order to get the local leaders to seek someone to run against our incumbent State Rep. So instead of blaming the Governor or the Speaker for this open abuse of power, the local officials went on the look out for someone to run against the incumbent and blamed him for not voting the way the Speaker and Governor wanted. They wanted to punish the incumbent for representing the people rather than bowing down to the all mighty Governor and Speaker. You wonder why people are tired of politicians when they see people being punished for doing what they are elected to do--------representing the people of their district.

Those puppet chairmen are proud to have obeyed the Speaker for they saved their chairmanships but at the expense of walking away from a fellow Republican. You might see those chairmen now as they seek reelection. Too bad we could not find and fund an opponent for them. Don’t look for them once the session starts, the only person who could find them then would be a proctologist. 

Good job District 8 voters. Tell the Establishment to keep their hands off an election to be decided by the voters of the District 8. Their support was probably the death blow for the challenger. We know this, District 8 voters are not stupid. You don’t operate a ‘shell game’ here. Support from Atlanta may provide money, but it does not supply voters. Remember, signs do not vote.