Chairman Dale Allison's Corner News Letter


This question has been asked several times this past week. Enough that I decided to caver that here in the Chairman's Corner so all could understand.

If a candidate seeks to run as a Republican, our State Rules say we must let them on the ballot even if we have no tangible evidence that they are Republican. The State and National Republican Party allows anyone to run on the Republican ticket who wants to as long as they indicate they believe in Republican principles. Why do you think we had 17 people running for President during the debates of 2015?

The Democrat Party endorses who they want in the primary, remember John Ossoff over 6 other Democrat candidates and Hillary over Bernie. We are not allowed to endorse candidates in the primary or to discriminate between candidates. If we allow one candidate to speak and the other requests time we have to provide it if at all possible. We do this in part to allow you the voter an opportunity to see and speak to the various candidates for office. Spring 2017 we invited all announced candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State and Insurance Commissioner to come to our Candidate Cook-out at North Georgia Tech and during later 2017 and here in 2018 we have had many of our State-wide and local candidates speak at our monthly meetings.

But in the final analysis, it is up to you, my Republican friend, to determine who best represents the Republican principles and who will best represent us, the people, in the office for which they are running. One way to do this is by asking questions of the candidates and listing to their answers. 

1. Ask how many years they voted in a Republican primary other than the first year they ran. 

2. When was the last time they had attended a Republican meeting before this year. 

3. Who locally is supporting each candidate. 

4. How long have they been Republican? 

5. What principles of the Republican Party do they adhere to or will adhere to if elected?

We need those candidates who will vote for Republican principles and represent the people of Union

County, not just a hand full of people who want to pull their strings. We need all of us to tum out for this election and to encourage our friends to do so as well. Speak up for your choice, help them financially or byword of mouth.